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Inspiration comes from many sources. Sometimes it is found in the colors or shapes in nature or from observing people. Sometimes it comes from starting without any preconceptions, as a conversation between good friends would, and evolves. Wherever it comes from, the colors are always of paramount importance. These are allowed to dry between layers to preserve the integrity and brilliance of each color. A black primed surface is always the first step. This provides depth and intensity to the colors. Some paintings use brushes very freely, and others use such tools as sponges, cloth rags or anything else that lends itself to the desired effects.

Canvas Preparation:

Canvases are 64" x 50" in size, and use a single oil primed linen. Linen is preferred over cotton canvas due to its longer fiber length and stronger structure. Heavy duty stretcher bars and cross braces ensure strength and integrity.

The canvas is primed again with a black oil priming before stretching. The black
provides a very dynamic surface to hold the colors and create depth. Colors literally jump off the surface to the viewer.


Once the painting is complete, a narrow (3/4") black, shadow-box type frame is normally prepared and attached to the painting. This creates both a contemporary feel and sets off the colors distinctly from the surrounding environment. Alternative frames can be opted for if the client desires.